Arrested Development Returns on Netflix

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Arrested Development Returns on Netflix

Thank you, thank you, thank you gods of television and executives at Netflix for making this seemingly fading dream a reality. The wait is finally over.  Arrested Development is back…almost. It’s been six long years, since this dysfunctional family has graced our evenings with lovable backstabbing and a sense of humor that was way ahead of its time.

The speculation has been in the air for several years, and talk has been loose, but fans remained hopeful that one day, their beloved Bluth family would come back, and as the saying goes, patience is a virtue. As cemented by Entertainment Weekly‘s newly released photos of the Bluths, the anticipation is at an all time high, and people everywhere can rejoice.

What made Arrested Development stand out, was not only its all star and wildly dynamic ensemble of characters, but it’s amazing writing.

Fanatics will be the first to tell you how incredible writing made this show what it was.  The premise of the show is about a widower father named Michael Bluth and his son George-Michael Bluth (yes, the nod to the pop singer in itself is hilarious) keeping together a backstabbing, lying and deceitful family in Orange County.

In total, ten episodes have been shot and will debut together on Netflix sometime early next year, with a full-length movie to follow. Yes, you heard it right.  A full length movie!

Between George Michael falling in love with his cousin, Tobias Funke’s delusional quest to become the third member of the Blue Man Group, Buster losing his hand to a dolphin, and Lucille Bluth’s maniacal quest for dominance over…well everything, there is way too much material to sum up the show as a whole, let alone each individual member of the Bluth family.

That is why we have included an 11 minute video summing up the brillance of what was and what will be Arrested Development. Enjoy.

And remember, there is ALWAYS money in the banana stand.

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