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B&O Play A9 Speaker

What’s white, round, wireless and has looks that compliment its sound? This delightful contraption called the A9 put together by B&O Play. The A9 has two 3″ midrange speakers, two .75″ tweeters, an 8″ woofer, and they’re all powered by their own amplifiers in a body less than 9″ deep. If for some reason you have odd taste and don’t care for the minimal white look, there are five additional cover options and three wood choices for the legs. They’ll be shipping November 2012 and go for about €2,000 (which comes out to about $2,600).

We seek design that matters. Design that naturally makes our products express how they want to be used. To us, design is not just the beautiful shape we wrap our technology in. Our design approach flows through all aspects of product development – from crystalizing the fundamental user needs in early concept development through the engineering phases. This allows us to deliver products where we never compromise on the basic product idea.


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