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Remember when a phone was made for talking? That’s okay, neither do we. Phones are our entire existential focus these days. People don’t even talk to each other anymore—a modern party is just a bunch people sitting around playing on their smart phones. With that being said… since today’s mobile telephone can do everything except for bear a child, why not have it lock and unlock your door? Thanks to the people at Lockitron, now it can. The sleek box fits over most deadbolt locks and allows the user to lock and unlock their door from anywhere in the world. So losing your keys won’t be such a tragedy anymore, and you won’t have to leave where you’re at to let someone in your place. And the best part, Bluetooth 4 integration allows Lockitron to sense your iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 as you approach the door without you having to do anything. The first batch ships in March of 2013 and you can reserve one here ($149).

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