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Self Service Magazine's Office Tease

It’s the age old fantasy, presented in a civilized and tasteful way. Maybe it’s the oblivious intern spilling out of her top, whom God bless her heart has no idea what she is doing in those heels, or perhaps it’s the receptionist with her confident and snide comments as she rolls her eyes with a sass that intrigues you. Whatever is the case, the photos in this Office Tease set presented by Self Service magazine are enough to drive any red-blooded male mad.

These photographs go beyond the playful nature of their respective representations, and arm these beautiful women with stares that suggest their very presence could corrupt the most well intentioned man. Apologies, for misogynistic undertones there, but look at the photographs. You don’t fraternize with women like this, without sacrificing a little in the process. A wife, a job or perhaps your conscience.

Photography and Styling by Venetia Scott.


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