Sweden In Need of More Trash For Energy Conversion

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Sweden In Need of More Trash For Energy Conversion

We don’t necessarily think of Sweden when discussing waste management, but the fact of the matter is that the Swedish Waste Management business is turning thousands of pounds of trash into reusable energy. Their only problem? They need more trash.

It appears their waste-to-energy program has been too successful, and one way to offset this problem is to look to neighboring countries like Norway to import their trash. We are going to go as far as to assume that this is a problem every country wish they had. With only four percent of Sweden’s garbage ending up in landfills, their efficient and cost effective methods have made them an exemplorary standard for handling garbage.

Living in a world, where 75% of our waste ends up forever in landfills and oceans, it would benefit us, as well as the rest of the world to take a tip from Sweden. Their waste management system creates energy for 250,000 homes and is responsible for powering one fifth of their heating systems. Taking it one step further, Sweden has become so efficient, that through the import of other countries’ trash they are making money—lots of it.

If this is where waste management is headed, we urge countries (like, oh I don’t know, the United States) to get on this quick. If the old saying is true and money does in fact talk, well… I guess we have a backyard full of garbage that won’t shut up.

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