Volutes: Through a Glass Brightly

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Volutes: Through a Glass Brightly

Colorful plumes of smoke are used to accentuate the brilliance of several kinds of crystal ware and decanters. As these billowy puffs of smoke begin to descend, we are left with fine glasses and crystalware by Lobmeyr, Baccarat and Saint Louis. Parisian art director William Snieg collaborated with set designer Marcel van Doorn to brilliantly capture these underwater smoke clouds like a ballet.

In order to make this surreal video work, a glass tank was filled with water as the crystal ware was carefully placed inside. By adding dyes to the tank (along with a few extra ingredients to create a thick milky liquid), the water does the rest of the work as it dances around the contained crystal ware.

Sets used:
Lobmeyr drinking set number 240
Company established in 1832

Saint Louis Bartholdi decanter
Company founded in the 16th century and named after King Louis XV

Baccarat’s Harcourt decanter and glasses
Designed in 1841

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