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Limited Edition Campari Label by Ugo Nespolo

Campari, the legendary one-of-a-kind red spirit, announced the US launch of a Limited Edition Art Label for 2012 created by Italian artist Ugo Nespolo. The new label is a reinterpretation of Leonetto Cappiello’s Campari-commissioned “Spiritello” print from 1921, and has been designed to bring a colourful, contemporary and eye-catching twist to this classic.

Cappiello is considered a father of modern advertising thanks to his posters that revolutionized the medium. Nespolo honors Cappiello’s original work by recreating the memorable red-clad goblin set amid an oversize spiralling orange rind. He has added to it a striking background comprised of abstract geometric shapes in vibrant shades of blue and beige. His reinterpretation is the latest in a series of limited edition labels, which have been designed to continue the legacy of Campari’s dedication to art, ensuring it is accessible to all consumers.

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